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One of the most impactful ways to flex your civic force is to volunteer for a political campaign. Through volunteering you can make a real difference in your own neighborhood and be able to engage and learn about the issues that matter most to your community.

A Worthy Cause
Great People

“Getting Out the Vote” or GOTV is one of the most important aspects of any successful campaign.  Volunteers are needed to call registered voters and knock door-to-door to remind them to go to the polls on Election Day.  These important jobs require little experience, but lots of enthusiasm.  

No matter what your political persuasion, volunteering for a candidate running for a local office is a perfect opportunity to jump into the political fray. Volunteers not only have the ability to help a candidate get into office, but also discover opportunities to put your skills to work.

In addition to getting out the vote, you may have the opportunity to gain specific skills that will enhance your resume. Our campaign can allow you to gain experience in fundraising, negotiating, direct marketing, event planning, cold calling, graphic design, database management, public relations and more. 

Volunteering for a political campaign provides phenomenal networking opportunities. As a campaign volunteer, you can meet and interact with a huge variety of people and increase your knowledge of current affairs.


Would you like
To help us?

Working on a campaign can be a rewarding experience which can lead to positive changes that directly effects each and everyone of us in our community. By volunteering you are not only influencing the shape of your community but your increase you awareness of local issues can help you a fight for political and social change.

The challenge of a new experience
Every new challenge in life forces you rise to the occasion. Volunteering for a campaign is a unique experience that will help develop your critical thinking and logical reasoning skills.
Get to know the candidate
Local campaign volunteering can bring you in contact with the candidate and help in understanding the type of person that will be serving you and the community while in office.
Help shape policy
You could become an integral part of the policy team. Your insight and knowledge could aid the candidate to take a stand on issues that can create change and are important to the community.
Realizing your voice matters
It sounds simple but you don’t realize that what you think and believe can make a difference.
Build your confidence
Bright, clever individuals will have opportunities to showcase their skills. Your knowledge, drive, and enthusiasm can lead to real change within our community.
If you don’t help, who will?
Making a difference begins with you. The world and our city needs more agents of change. Don’t let apathy prevent you from rising to the challenge.
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Sharing your voice is the greatest way you can serve the veteran community. Take a moment to like and share...
VETERAN STRONGLocated in Sourthern California
501(c)(3) organization EIN 88-2587524

501(c)(3) organization
EIN 88-2587524

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Sharing your voice is the greatest way you can serve the veteran community. Take a moment to like and share...

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Copyright by EyeSore Graphics. All rights reserved.