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At Veteran Strong USA, we offer therapeutic riding services tailored specifically for veterans, military and their family members seeking physical, emotional, and psychological support. Our program aims to enhance the well-being and quality of life of veterans through meaningful interactions with horses in a safe and supportive environment.

Our services include:

1. Individualized Riding Sessions: Each veteran receives personalized instruction based on their unique needs and goals. Our experienced instructors work closely with veterans to develop a customized riding program that addresses their physical abilities, emotional challenges, and therapeutic objectives.

2. Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapies: Our program incorporates a variety of activities and therapies involving horses, such as grooming, groundwork exercises, and mounted riding sessions. These activities are designed to promote relaxation, improve communication skills, enhance self-awareness, and foster emotional regulation.

3. Trauma-Informed Approach: We understand the unique experiences and challenges faced by veterans, particularly those dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other trauma-related conditions. Our instructors and staff are trained in trauma-informed care techniques to ensure a safe and supportive environment for all participants.

4. Supportive Community: In addition to the therapeutic benefits of horse riding, our program offers veterans the opportunity to connect with a supportive community of fellow service members. Through group activities, peer support sessions, and social events, veterans can share their experiences, build relationships, and strengthen their support networks.
5. Ongoing Evaluation and Progress Tracking: We believe in the importance of measuring progress and adjusting our approach to meet the evolving needs of our participants. Our team conducts regular evaluations to assess the effectiveness of our program and track the progress of each veteran toward their goals.

Whether you’re seeking physical rehabilitation, emotional healing, or simply a sense of connection and camaraderie, Veteran Strong USA’s therapeutic riding services offer a unique and empowering experience for veterans of all backgrounds and abilities.”


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VETERAN STRONGLocated in Sourthern California
501(c)(3) organization EIN 88-2587524

501(c)(3) organization
EIN 88-2587524

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Sharing your voice is the greatest way you can serve the veteran community. Take a moment to like and share...

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